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Email the Toastmasters with Scheduled Duties on the Wednesday November 22, 2017 Agenda

This form generates a separately addressed email to everyone who has an assigned duty for the November 22, 2017 meeting (who has an email address). The <Email Address of Toastmaster> and <First Name of Toastmaster> fields will be filled in automatically for each email. To send an email:

  1. Type your message in the text box. The assigned duty list will appear below your portion of the message (as it appears below).
  2. If you would like to see how the email looks before it is sent to everyone else, click the check box below the message.
  3. Click the 'Send Email' button at the bottom.

To: <Email Address of Toastmaster>
From: Rich Halverson <richhalverson@gmail.com>
Subject: 22-Nov-17 Toastmasters Meeting
Dear <First Name of Toastmaster>:

----- Schedule for 22-Nov-17 -----
Presiding Officer: James Smith (Confirmed), 
Toastmaster: Harvey Rackmil
Inspiration: Charles Churchill
Jokemaster: James Smith (Confirmed)
Grammarian: Demetria Caston
Timer: Maria Su (confirmed)
Speaker 1: Bart Howk (confirmed)
Speaker 2: William Sink (confirmed)
Speaker 3: 
Speaker 4: 
Evaluator 1: James Donnelly ( confirmed )
Evaluator 2: Tina Bae (confirmed)
Evaluator 3: Daena Lee
Evaluator 4: 
Table Topics Master: Alberto Ricordi
General Evaluator: Wen He (confirmed)
Website: http://guide.net/dba
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Rich Halverson
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