Schedule Fall 2017

If the Date is a link, click to watch the lecture video.

Chapters starting with M refer to the Murach Textbook. Click the Chapter for a link to PowerPoint slides.

Chapters that begin with H, J, P or W refer to the HTML, JavaScript, PHP or Web Service chapters in the Dummies Textbook.

If you miss class, first watch the video. Then click, print and complete the missed quiz. Hand in your missed quiz with your next in-class quiz. There is no penalty for submitting quizzes after the day they are given.

Day Date Chapters Topic Quiz Assignment
1 Tue, 22-Aug H1 Creating a Basic Page with HTML Introduction
2 Thu, 24-Aug H2 Adding Style with CSS CSS
3 Tue, 29-Aug H3 Creating and Styling Web Forms Forms HTML/CSS/JavaScript Assignment
4 Thu, 31-Aug J1,J2 JavaScript Basics JavaScript Basics
5 Tue, 5-Sep J3 jQuery jQuery
6 Thu, 7-Sep J4 Event Handlers jQuery Events
7 Tue, 12-Sep P1 PHP Basics PHP and JavaScript Campus Sales
8 Thu, 14-Sep P2 Building PHP Scripts Regular Expressions in PHP
9 Tue, 19-Sep W2 Creating and Using a Web Service APIs Campus Mobile
10 Thu, 21-Sep W3 Validating Web Forms with JavaScript and PHP Form Validation
11 Tue, 26-Sep M1 Web applications and ASP.NET development Introduction to ASP.NET Exercise 1-1 (p. 30)
12 Thu, 28-Sep M1 How an ASP.NET application works Softaculous and WordPress Campus WordPress
13 Tue, 3-Oct M2 Working with ASP.NET projects Visual Studio and ASP.NET Exercise 2-1 (p. 74). See video.
14 Thu, 5-Oct M2 Web forms with Visual Studio Controls, Validation and Event Handlers Quotation Exercise. (See
15 Tue, 10-Oct M3 CSS formatting CSS in Visual Studio Toastmasters Club Website Project
16 Thu, 12-Oct M3 Bootstrap CSS classes CSS and Bootstrap Exercise 3-1 (p. 122). See video.
Exercise 3-2 (p.123). See video.
17 Tue, 17-Oct Project Group
18 Thu, 19-Oct CSS and JavaScript
19 Tue, 24-Oct M4 Shopping cart web applications Multi-page Applications Exercise 4-1 (p.172). See video. Due October 31.
20 Thu, 26-Oct M13 SQL Data Sources Cross-page posting Exercise 13-1 (p.483) See video.
21 Tue, 31-Oct M14 GridView Control SQL Data Sources Exercise 14-1 (p.525) See video.
22 Thu, 2-Nov M16 Input Forms and ListView GridView Visual Studio Desktop Database Assignment (optional - replaces any three assignments).
23 Tue, 7-Nov M15 DetailsView and FormView DetailsView Exercise 15-1 (p.565).
24 Thu, 9-Nov M15 DetailsView and FormView DetailsView 2
25 Tue, 14-Nov Converting ASP.NET to PHP No Quiz Last Assignment. ASP.NET to PHP.
26 Thu, 16-Nov Display JSON Array as HTML Table No Quiz
27 Tue, 21-Nov JQuery Review
28 Tue, 28-Nov Group Project
29 Thu, 30-Nov
30 Tue, 5-Dec
31 Thu, 7-Dec