Toastmasters Website Project

In this assignment you will work in a team of up to six members to create an updated version of the Downtown Business Associates Toastmasters Club Intranet website. Static version of the important pages which you will be implementing are here.

The Database currently consists of four tab-delimited spreadsheets. This MySQL database schema can be used to create a database to test your code until API's are available.

The roster, availability, desires and schedule are read each week and a new schedule line is created in the schedule table by this Perl script. This semester's ICS 321 class is going to be primarily responsible for converting the spreadsheets into a database and the APIs that interface to them.

You will create a new look for the website that includes modernized versions of the following pages:

Your pages will interface with APIs that will be mostly written by this semester's ICS 321 class.

Your website must be both desktop and mobile friendly (i.e., responsive design). You can design your website using either ASP.NET or PHP.

Your forms should not use action POSTs but instead use AJAX. Your form will send requests to the server using AJAX or jQuery and receive a JSON object in return, then use JavaScript or Angular to display the update.

There will be more details on this assignment including API specifications next week.