Assignment 7: ASP.NET Campus Travel

Due December 12th.

In this assignment you will build an ASP.NET version of the Campus Travel application that interfaces to the database you created for Assignment 6. Again you will use Visual Studio.

  1. Open Visual Studio and create a new ASP.NET Web Application.
  2. Create the Opening Screen Form with or links to the other relevant screens you create.

Then complete either

  1. Create the Agent Bookings page that displays the total bookings of each agent.
  2. Create an Add Agent Form to add an agent at an office location.
  3. Create a Sales page that displays the sales most recent date at the top.
  4. Create an Add Sale Form to add a sale by an agent to a destination on a date for an amount.


  1. Create a Search Sales Form to search for a list of sales like in previous assignments.
  2. Create the Search Results Form for the search results.


  1. Create a Sales page that displays the sales, where the date is a link or button to an Update Sale Form.
  2. Create an Update Sale Form to update or delete a sale record

Once your forms and pages work,

  1. Save and copy your project onto your desktop and confirm you can set the new path on the opening form and it still functions correctly.
  2. Zip the desktop copy and submit in dropbox on Laulima.