Assignment 2

For this assignment, do the following.

  1. Create an HTML/PHP version of the Campus Travel assignment like this one.
    1. Make sure you have a horizontal menu on each page.
  2. Modify the Acknowledge messages (usually contained in a variable $message) so they are more descriptive, e.g., the name of destination rather than just the key.
    1. Add Agent: acknowledge both agent name and office location (instead of agent name and office ID).
    2. Add Sale: acknowledge agent name, date in a standard format, amount in dollars and cents and destination name (instead of just date and amount).
    3. Search Results: display the search criteria above the output table.
    4. Update Sale: when deleting acknowledge the date, agent name, amount and destination location.
    5. Update Sale: when updating, acknowledge by displaying both the old and new value(s) that were updated.
  3. Create another Campus Travel site with WordPress pages using the PHP code you created in (1) using the INSERT_PHP plugin.
  4. Make links to your three different Campus Travel websites separate and clearly identified on your website.

Parts 1 and 2 - 10 points

Parts 3 and 4 - 5 points