Assignment 1

Complete the Campus Travel Assignment here.

To get all 10 points, make sure you complete the following:

  1. Make sure all your pages display correctly.
  2. Make sure your search form works.
  3. Make sure your Add Agent work by adding yourself. The grader will check to see if you have added yourself.
  4. Make sure your Add Sale form works by adding a sale where you are the agent.
  5. Change one of Ryan Yamane's sale records so you are the agent, and add one penny to the sale price.
  6. Delete one of Ryan Yamane's other sale records.
  7. Make sure all the links on the Campus Travel Home Page work.
  8. Add a horizontal menu across top or bottom of all the pages as described in the instructions. Make sure that when you are on a page, that the link to that page on the horizontal menu is not a clickable link.
  9. Make sure you remove the echo attributes in all the short-codes EXCEPT FOR THE SHORTS ON THE DATABASE TABLES PAGE.